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February 3, 2003
at Magnolias in Richmond

Opening introduction by new President Renny Parziale, CCC
The Winter Fest dinner at Kings Arms Tavern was in January. 59 members of VCA attended as well as a number of special guests.
Rather than a long list of committee chairs, Renny indicated he would like to have four to five people involved in key issues. Chef Parzialle said he wanted official meetings to last no more than one hour taking the other time for social brainstorming on vca ideas, projects and concerns.
Focus on membership...Get more members involved by giving them value not only at meeting but thru out the year. Also get more new members. Gene Liberati would like to get involved in updating the membership list; going thru the old list and deleting nonmembers and getting peoples email address. When we do get new members a copy of the paper work goes to Gene and Renny keeps the original papers on file.
After some discussion it was noted that dues for 2003 was $200.00 and that it would go to $215.00 next year.
Focus on communication; continue newsletter, update members email for faster communication. If we use newsletter have to remember if we sell ads those ads have to be in newsletter, even if there is no news to report. Do we combine newsletter and web for ads or do we keep separate. Nice idea to have a link of chefs with photo or logo of business plus bio to see who is where and doing what. Do we have map link to find meeting sites easier. Chef Maxwell will handle website upgrades.
Focus on education....Need to define education for chefs, is it classes or programs and speakers. Dave Barish, assistant dean of J. Sargent Reynolds Community College has classes for chefs for certification.
Process of bursar thru the acf will pay for classes up to 200 dollars, need to fill out the proper paperwork. Need someone else involved in the education area to have programs and speakers for chefs. Apprenticeship program has to start april 15, 2003.
Committee members Brent Wertz, CEC and H.Schadler, CEC, AAC will get documentation in immediately to get the ball rolling.
Otto bernet scholarship.......Jim GoodmanCEPC is proposing a criteria for applicantshave to decide how much to give and if more than one scholarship should be givenevents for the year 2003.
Coby fitzhugh indicated that we need to select a site by March for the annual golf tournament. Would like to do it at the Gold course in Williamsburg. Time frame is med to late October. H. Schadler, CEC, AAC, will be looking into it.
Glen Pruden, CEC is accumulating information on the chocolate festival for September 20, at the University of Richmond School of Continuous Studies, who would be the main sponsors along with Albert Uster Imports and Ukrop's. We can get the Jepson Center for $1,000. The school would have a mailout of 30,000 pp, big promotion for the schools program of there culinary certificate in the fall. University has exclusive catering rites. Maybe sell tables to vendors for one hundred dollars, have auction, demo, samples, sell tickets anywhere from five to ten dollars a person for two hour slots with the hours from ten to four PM.
Vickie Clarke from VIMS would like to get the chefs sponsered with a symposium again. If we sponsor the symposium the facililty at VIMS is available except the setup, cleanup fee is not waived, $800. Wants to use more local chefs than bringing chefs in from the outsideis working on a proposal for a five year grant.
Southern Women at the RIC fairgrounds for a three day iron chef April 11-13. We are looking for a total of 22 chefs, 11 slots open two chefs per slot. Each slot is half hour time frame for a one plate mystery basket. We are confirmed an trade booth at show.
Manfred Roehr, CEC, AAC informed members that Renny Parziale, CCC was going to the acf Southeast Conference.