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The American Culinary Federation
Virginia Chefís Association, Inc.

Southern Womenís Show
Chefs Competition
Entrance Application
The ACF Virginia Chefís Association and Southern Shows present a Chefs Competition Seriesat the Southern Womenís Show. A series of contests will be held pitting two chefs against each other in a venue similar to TVís Ready Set Cook and Iron Chefs. Each chef will be required to produce a minimum of one plate of food from a mystery basket with the main ingredient selected by Virginia Department of Agriculture.
The chefs will have a set time of 30 minutes to compete. The events will be scheduled to occur throughout the three day period. Chefs may compete in more than one contest.
Chefs from beyond the Central Virginia region must provide their own transportation to Richmond.
There is no entrance fee or requirement other than a desire to have fun. Please fill out the following form indicating the day and time you wish to compete and what travel arrangements you are making so we may meet you upon your arrival.
Name:____________________________________ Certification_______________________
Business __________________________________ Position _________________________
Address:____________________________________ City:__________________________
State:_______________________________________ Zip:________________________
Phone:________________________ Fax:________________________ E-Mail:________________
Preferred Day and Time (see times at)TIMES _______________________
Arrival Information:_________________________________________________________________

Contest Rules
  1. Each contestant must provide their own transportation to Richmond, Virginia in time to compete.
  2. Basic culinary equipment will be provided including pots, pans, plates, flatware, utensils, knives, side towels, cutting boards, bakers paper, film and foil, and all food. Contestants may bring their own knives if they choose. No special equipment will be permitted.
  3. All food product will be provided. Food products will be categorize three ways. A mystery table featuring a variety of foods will serve as the basic mystery box. Each contest will be assigned a main product from Virginia Agriculture such as oysters, crab, bison, lamb, pork and the like. This main ingredient must be used in its entirety. A pantry will be provided containing basic food stuff to balance the mystery basket.
  4. A member of the audience will select ten items from the mystery table and the competing chefs must use each of the ten items in the finished dish.
  5. Each chef participating will receive a letter of recognition and a certificate for one hour of continuing education.
  6. Winners of each contest will receive a medal and a certificate so indicating. Awards will be given for crowd favorites as well as best score by the judges. An Overall award will be presented at the end of the Southern Womenís Show. Contest winners will be awarded medals at the end of each contest. The overall winner will be notified in an appropriate manner
  7. Winners will be determined by a panel judges with the assistance of the audience. Overall winners will be determined by the panel of judges.
  8. Tickets for competitors will be at the service gate of the Richmond Raceway Complex on Richmond Henrico Turnpike.